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We maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive, please let us know. If for some reason the service we perform does not result in a successful repair due to fault of our own, we will waive all labor costs and charge you nothing for the time we spend. This way, there is absolutely no risk to you. This guarantee is available on all of our services.

Importance of Installing Operating System Updates

An operating system such as Windows or Mac OS is the most complicated piece of software you will ever use. To read through every piece of code would take one person weeks, so pinpointing a bug in the code is extremely difficult unless you know what exactly is causing the bug. No operating system, or any piece of complicated software for that matter, is released bug free. Although beta testers that use and test the software before it is put into final production report many major bugs, some major and many minor bugs go undiscovered until months or years after the software hits the shelves, so constant updates to fix these bugs are required.

Sometimes, good program code is changed to make things easier to use or more secure for the end user. Changes to improve the experience for the user, and changes to increase security can sometimes be made up to 10 years (or even longer) after the software is released! In the first year of an operating system being released to the public, there may still be major bugs and security holes in the code, so you can't trust that the developer dotted all of their i's and crossed all of their t's before you bought the operating system software (or new computer if the operating system was pre-loaded). Fortunately, users are CONSTANTLY reporting newly discovered bugs, therefore developers such as Microsoft and Apple are CONSTANTLY fixing those bugs, and releasing updates. For most of you, automatic updates are already enabled on operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, but for those of you that disabled your automatic updates, it's important to check for updates at least monthly, or better, to enable automatic updates. Many bugs that cause your computer to freeze, programs to close unexpectedly, leave your computer more susceptible to viruses or other attacks, and other undesirable issues can be corrected simply by installing updates on a regular basis. It's one simple, but major thing you can do to keep your computer running the way it should.

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