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We maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive, please let us know. If for some reason the service we perform does not result in a successful repair due to fault of our own, we will waive all labor costs and charge you nothing for the time we spend. This way, there is absolutely no risk to you. This guarantee is available on all of our services.

Clean The Inside of Your Computer To Prevent Damage

We all know the damage that excessive heat can do to things, but we rarely think of it with our computers due to their seemingly self-sustaining nature. If you've ever opened the case of a computer that is at least a few years old, you know how dirty it can get inside. Depending on environmental factors, the dust that builds up can be much more substantial, and usually by the time you think of dust inside your computer as being a potential problem, chances are it already is a problem.

The components inside your computer, especially the CPU (processor) and different parts of the motherboard create high amounts of heat very quickly. Without proper ventilation, this heat cannot dissipate properly. Although most computers built in the last decade have thermal protection that protects them by turning off when internal temperatures reach dangerous levels, high amounts of heat over a period of time can cause damage to the components inside of your computer, especially the motherboard. The cost of a replacement motherboard can cost hundreds of dollars, and sometimes even cost as much as an entirely new computer. Aside from the possible damage that can be done to your computer, the annoyance of your computer constantly shutting down to protect itself from overheating can be a huge aggravation. Fortunately, preventing overheating is easier than you may think. The most important thing to be aware of is the environment that your computer is in. Do you keep it in a room prone to dust collection such as a basement? Do you have dogs or cats that are allowed to go in the same room you keep your computer? Both of these things can cause excessive dust buildup, and if you own animals, fur buildup inside the computer case. In this case, you should clean the inside of your computer no less frequently than once a year. If your computer is stored in an almost dust free room that pets are not allowed into, you can safely get away with cleaning the inside of your computer every 2 years. To do this, simply remove the side of your computer tower, and using canned air specifically made for cleaning electronics, hold the tip of the straw at least 6 inches away from the components inside your computer and give it a blast of air for a few seconds. Do this near every component, fan, and vent that you see dust built up on, being very careful not to get too close to the component, or to tip the can upside down or to the side, as this may cause the liquid contents of the can to come out of the straw and onto the component. You can also use a vacuum to clean the inside of your computer, but ensure that it is a data rated vacuum, specifically for cleaning electronics. If using canned air, obviously you want to do this somewhere that you don't mind dust being blown around, such as a garage or outdoor patio. For some people, this can be a frightening task as it means getting close to the delicate components inside of your computer. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning the inside of your own computer, call us and we will do it for you.

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