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 On-Site Business Services

Network Maintenance

Need help setting up a new network or adding more workstations? Having trouble with your current network and need help restoring it? Either way, we'll use our expertise to ensure that your network helps your business be as productive as possible.

Server Maintenance

The server stores some of your business' most functional data. Obviously, any downtime can cause loss of profit amongst other problems. We have years of experience in maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading servers to keep your business running efficiently.

Network Cable Installation

Whether you need one cable run or a hundred, no job is too big or too small. We can add cables to an existing network, create a new cabling infrastructure if one does not yet exist, or upgrade outdated cable to support current network speed requirements. 

Website Development

Cracked and broken laptop screens happen all the time, and we also fix them all the time. What a perfect match. We'll remove the old, damaged screen, and replace it with a brand new screen to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Hardware Repair/Installation

Whether you just need a printer installed, more RAM to speed up your computer, a new hard drive to give you more space to store your files, or a major piece of hardware such as a motherboard to replace one that failed, we've got you covered.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Computer held hostage by an intruder? Don't panic. First, we'll seek out and remove those unwanted guests, while saving all of your personal data. Then, we'll implement various safeguards to help prevent future infections. If only it were that easy to get rid of in-laws.

Windows Error/Freezing Repair

Constantly frustrated by Windows errors not letting you do what you need to? Getting blue screens and random freezing or automatic reboots? Whatever the cause of the issue, we'll uncover it and get your PC working properly again. We love fixing the issues that others hate.

Booting Issue Repair

Definitely the most dreaded computer problem possible. For you, but not for us. We revive computers that are unable to boot all the time, and we have a very high rate of success doing so. Take a deep breath, give us a call, and we'll handle the rest. We promise.

Internet Connection Issues

Feeling cutoff from the rest of the world? Don't worry, we understand how it feels. We've all been without the internet at one time or another, and felt lost without it also! Luckily, we've got a remedy to get you feeling connected again to the rest of the world!

Slow Computer Tune-Up

Can you cook a full 7 course meal before your computer even finishes booting up? Got a bunch of junk cluttering up your hard drive? Before you trash your slow computer for a new one, let us rejuvenate it. You'll be amazed at how fast it runs when we're finished.

Data Backup

What would it mean to your company if your hard drive crashed, and you lost all of that irreplaceable data? Having an automatic, ongoing data backup plan is the smartest thing any business can do to protect their data. Let us use our expertise to protect your valuable data.

Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted important files? Hard drive crashed without a backup? Not all hope is lost. Getting back deleted data may seem like magic to you, but it's not all smoke and mirrors; we do it all the time. Let us amaze you and recover your information as if nothing ever happened.